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used this community first time. - Liliana - 03-06-2020

I am liliana from chigaco. Here i am write my first post and feeling good because i use this community first time . I am telling everyone about my hobby. I like traveling because it is my passion. when i feel bore use to go somewhere and feeling well. I wanted to know about your passions too then we understand each other during disscusion.

RE: used this community first time. - Esther - 03-12-2020

Liliana! Welcome here. I am happy to see you here. I am also a travel freak and it is my crush. I like my hobbies but it is my favorite hobby. In my life, I have enjoyed many tours. These days I and my few friends have a plan to enjoy New York City tour. I am sure this will be a wonderful tour for me. I am very excited about this tour. What do you say about my tour?