I am gianna!!
Hi guys! I am gianna from new york I am a new person in this board. My hobbies are reading books, novels, travelling and playing games etc. I wish I could see all most popular places of the world in my life. That's why I take interested in traveling and I have visited many places for Example, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Central Park and lots of others. Now you tell me something about yourself and share good opinion and about your interests. I hope you will share with me your views.
Hello Gianna! I want to say welcome on this board. My name is Josephine and I live in the USA. I have different hobbies like dancing, listening to music, and traveling. I want to talk about our mutual hobby that is Traveling. Central Park is my favorite place and I have enjoyed there many activities as Ice Skating, Boat Rides on the Lake and Storytelling. Have you ever enjoyed any of them?
Josephine, I will like to say your welcome posts are really nice and must be really having such a good and most fabulous time. Hobbies are Traveling, Cooking, Chit chatting with friend and much more are included here.

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