Hi Everyone
Hello everyone! I want to say that my self is Josephine and I am a new member of this board. In the last days I was free that's why I have visited different places with some friends in the USA. During this also enjoyed adventure activities. How have you spent your free time in the last days?

I  welcome to Josephine in this community. Now I am share my last days experience here. Me and my friends have enjoyed to cherry blossom festival in Washington DC. We enjoy by doing some activities like: Hiking, shopping, cycling and photography with beautiful cherry flowers and this trip was really enjoyable for us, we have lots of fun there and come back from this tour with fresh mind and smiling face.
First of all welcome here, Josephine! I read your post I am sure your information will be useful to me. I am also a travel freak and it is my passion. Last month I and my few friends have enjoyed Switzerland tour. On my tour, I have enjoyed many activities are Walking, Camping, Campfire, Shopping, Sightseeing, and Sunset. This will be a wonderful tour for me. I want to say that If you have never enjoyed this tour so, I suggest you must enjoy this tour in your free time. I am sure you like my suggestion. Best of luck for your trip.

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