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Angelita Cenote

In the dense Mexican jungle, a series of sinkholes and caves lead to an amazing underwater world. One such discovery is Cenote Angelita, a wide 61-meter pool that suddenly opens up from the dense jungle.

The last thing most scuba divers expect to find during a dive is another river underwater, but that’s exactly what awaits in the depths of the Cenote Angelita, a flooded cave that hides a river beneath the water.

The cavern’s formation is attributed to the gradual erosion of porous limestone as water permeated the rock, leading to the hollowing out of the space. This natural process contributed to the creation of the cave.

Similar caves held significant cultural and religious importance. They were revered and worshipped, indicating the spiritual significance that natural formations could hold in the beliefs of the ancient Mayans.

In addition to the natural beauty, the flooded Angelita Cenote has a unique quality – it seems that a separate river runs near the bottom of the water-filled pit. This illusion is a product of the water’s chemistry.

The varying levels of salinity in different parts of the water within the caves contribute to a fascinating phenomenon where denser water sinks to the bottom, creating the appearance of a foggy underwater river.

This distinct stratification adds a mystic atmosphere to the cenote.

Despite the challenges associated with diving in this location, such as its remote entrance and the subterranean nature of the dive, it attracts diving enthusiasts seeking a unique and adventurous experience.

The allure of exploring an underwater landscape with an apparent river-like flow beneath the surface makes Cenote Angelita an intriguing destination for those willing to challenge this extraordinary dive site.

Know before you go

  • The Cenote Angelita is located 17 km southwest of Tulum.
  • Guides and transport may be arranged through tour agencies in Tulum.
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