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The best road trips every traveller should take in Mexico

In 2020, Mexico was visited by only 2.66 million tourists, compared to 3.46 million in the previous year, according to the latest data from the Mexico National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

While this is an unfortunate reality due to the actual pandemic situation, this opens up a perfect opportunity to experience Mexico’s prime tourist spots with a minimal amount of crowds.

The best travel routes are also going to be less traveled than they were before 2020, so you’ll have a pretty pleasant experience overall.

If you’re having trouble thinking of which road trips to embark on to take advantage of this golden opportunity, consider these areas of interest that used to be quite crowded before the Covid-19.

If you traveling in a car, be mindful of your car radiator to ensure that your engine stays at a safe temperature, and maintains a vehicle’s cooling system.

Your vehicle should also always have a spare tire and the tools needed to quickly change a blown-out tire on the side of the road. Don’t forget about the flashlight with extra batteries, road flares, emergency beacon, and first aid kit.

East Coast: Enjoy world-class eco-tourism in the state of Tabasco

Because of its tropical setting, Mexico can be incredibly verdant, and a road trip to Tabasco can show you just how true that is. Nestled in the crook of the Yucatánpeninsula, this green paradise is considered the best place in Mexico for eco-tourism.

Frequent tourists usually advise starting off in the capital, Villahermosa, which blends rich pre-colonial history with lush rainforest.

Even its museum is more of an open-air greenhouse than a museum. You will find that this is a common theme wherever you choose to go in the state of Tabasco.

From archeological sites like Comalcalco to Pueblos Magicos (magic towns) teeming with life such as Tapijulapa, Tabasco shows a near-mystical commitment to making civilization coexist with nature.

However, the main events for many are places where the environment is pristine and untouched, such as the Villaluz Ecological Reserve, the evergreen home of the Cascadas de Villaluz waterfalls.

With so much to do in this overgrown wonderland, it’s easy to have your own itinerary run away from you. Tabasco is recognized as one of the hottest places in Mexico.

West Coast: Experience maritime culture in the storied port city of Puerto Vallarta

Lining the Pacific shoreline of Mexico is a string of picturesque old port towns brimming with history, as they were hubs for galleons traveling to and from Asia. Among these towns, Puerto Vallarta is arguably the quintessential one.

The locals in and around the port town fervently celebrate their maritime traditions, and tourists can experience this through their gastronomy and cultural centers.

The best starting point for a road trip to Puerto Vallarta is Mazatlán, itself a city steeped in history and nautical heritage. Its roots lie in the Old Mazatlán quarter, where a thriving cultural scene can be witnessed.

Travel southward along Mexico 15D and you’ll eventually come upon the road to Mexcaltitan, a manmade island city turned shrimping village that’s believed to be the mythical homeland of the Mexica tribe, later to be known as the Aztecs.

Other notable stops include Chacala, famed for its lush palms and thatch roofs; San Pancho, with its turtle-filled beaches; and Punta de Mita, a scenic peninsula where you can best enjoy the Pacific ocean breeze.

Mexican tourism isn’t expected to fully rebound until 2023, so you have a unique opportunity to enjoy both of the above road trips before crowds return in force. Plus, you’ll be contributing to keeping Mexico’s tourism industry alive, so it’ll be ready to bounce back once the world opens up again.

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