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Hacienda del Cochero

These peaceful gardens offer picturesque views of mountains cloaked in lush greenery. While exploring the stone paths that wind through space, you’re surrounded by leafy trees and vibrant, colorful flowers.

The gorgeous surroundings leave a few hints about the gruesome terrors lurking below the surface. Peaceful gardens hide an underground torture museum.

Head into the tunnel-like entrance that goes underneath the gardens and you’ll find a museum full of creepy displays. Its dark, maze-like network of passageways leads to humid chambers full of various torture devices.

You’ll easily spot items like chastity belts, cages, and guillotines within the dank space. The skeleton chained to the wall is a gruesome reminder of the events that supposedly took place within these dungeons.

According to the museum, this hacienda served a dark purpose during the Spanish Inquisition.

The invading Spaniards allegedly held the natives captive within the subterranean rooms and tortured them until they renounced their religious beliefs and converted to Christianity.

Those accused of breaking the law, no matter how small a misdemeanor, were confined and tortured as well.

Holographic pictures, dim lighting, and the tour guides dressed in monk robes add an extra dose of eeriness to the already spooky experience.

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