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Entry immigration form – Tourist Card

Starting soon some commercial airlines will stop handing out immigration forms aboard their airplanes, we highly recommend you fill out the form(s) online, so you don’t delay your immigration process when you arrive in Mexico.

All foreign citizens traveling to Mexico must fill out an Official Entry Immigration Form prior to their arrival in Mexico.

​When you arrive in Mexico you present your printed Tourist Card and your passport, and since your information is already in the system, the Immigration Officer just needs to stamp your Tourist Card and that’s it – Welcome to Mexico, Enjoy Your Stay!

What is a Tourist Card and why do you need it?

If you are visiting Mexico you need a Tourist Card which is an Entry Immigration Form that details information about your visit to Mexico. The Tourist Card is per person regardless of age and how long you will stay in Mexico.

The information you provide in the Tourist Card is kept by the Mexican Immigration Authority as an official record of your visit to Mexico.

Do you need to send your passport for inspection?

No, you do not need to send your passport anywhere. On the application form, you will be asked for the information from your passport in order to process your Tourist Card. When you land in Mexico you will be required to present your passport and your Tourist Card to enter Mexico.

How long do you have to keep your Tourist Card?

There are 2 parts of the Immigration Form, the Entry Form & the Exit Form.

You will be provided by email your both forms already completed with the proper information and when you arrive in Mexico you will immediately proceed to the immigration booth at the airport where the immigration officer will keep the Entry Part of your form and will stamp the Exit Part of the form which you will keep while in Mexico.

When you are checking in for your flight back home, you will present the Exit Part of your form along with your passport.

​Get your tourist card online

Don’t waste time at the airport and get your Tourist Card online, it is totally free!
Expedite your entry and fill out the Immigration Form(s) online:


The online registration process is very convenient and straightforward and all you need is your passport, flight information, address or name of the hotel where you are staying, and a printer to print your Official Entry Tourist Card.​

Who you are:

  • You are a foreign citizen traveling to Mexico
  • You have a valid passport
  • You will travel to Mexico in less than 30 days
  • You will not stay in Mexico for more than 180 days
  • You are traveling to Mexico for pleasure, vacation, or recreational purposes
  • You are NOT going to Mexico to seek employment

What you need:

  • Contact information
  • Passport information
  • Full Name of the Hotel or address in Mexico
  • Arrival flight information
  • Email to send you the Tourist Card
  • A printer to print the Tourist Card

The tourist card is per person including children.

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