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Jose Cuervo Express Train

Would you like to travel in luxury like in Porfiriato times and get to know the oldest tequila distillery in America?

The best option is to take the José Cuervo Express, whose final destination is the magic town of Tequila, Jalisco. The José Cuervo Express is one of the only old-style trains in Mexico.

Even if tequila is not your thing, just traveling aboard this beautiful machinery will be worth the trip every minute. Jose Cuervo Express will take you to the Magical Town of Tequila, where a full day of activities is prepared for everyone.

  • Travel on the Express Wagon of Jose Cuervo Express
  • Visit the agave fields and agave harvesting demonstration
  • Mexican snacks and cocktails prepared with tequila onboard Jose Cuervo Express
  • Lottery
  • Professional tasting guided by a Maestro Tequilero
  • Tour of Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña distillery
  • Enjoy free time for lunch and a walk around the Tequila Pueblo Mágico
  • Mexican show
  • Classical toast with one of our premium tequilas

The train is divided into three sections, each designed for a specific type of passenger.

  • Express wagons are perfect for family travelers and are designed to better serve visitors of all ages and offer admirable sophistication with wood finishes, ample seating, and a cocktail bar.
  • Premium Plus section is for a more comfortable trip, where you will find a relaxing environment and can rest while enjoying food and cocktails made to tequila base served on your table.
  • Diamond Wagon is for fans of luxury. Here, passengers can appreciate a glamorous vintage decoration reminiscent of the elegant trains of yesteryear with large tables, mirrors, and seats that combine wood and leather. In addition, during the trip, you can enjoy a tasting of the premium tequila from the Reserva de la Familia house.

Every Saturday of the year you can get on board the José Cuervo Express, one of the best tequila trains in the country that offers two different itineraries, one at sunrise and one at sunset in order to offer its passengers the option to enjoy onboard the sunrise or sunset

Both tours take you to Tequila, a magical town of Jalisco located not far from the City of Guadalajara famous for bewitching all its visitors with its cultural, natural, and, of course, tequila wealth.

The two itineraries of the José Cuervo Express have an approximate duration of 11 hours, so you better book your entire day to fully enjoy this experience.

Jose Cuervo Express Tequila Tour

Travelers who choose to leave the train on board in the morning will leave the Guadalajara Station at 9 in the morning to see how the breathtaking landscapes light up with the first rays of the sun while an educational tasting is conducted guided by an expert Tequilaro by José Cuervo.

Before noon, the visits will reach the town of Tequila, where you can visit the La Rojeña distillery, the oldest in America whose production of artisan tequilas dates back 250 years.

When you go through it, you will know all its elaborate production processes that range from agave cooking in masonry furnaces, to distillation in a special room with copper stills and its storage in thousands of barrels that are stored in the aging rooms.

In the afternoon you will have free time to tour Tequila and try its high gastronomic proposal in some of its best restaurants.

Before concluding your visit, you will visit the famous agave fields of the town to contemplate a demonstration of “jima” with which it will be clear to you why the “jimadores” are considered the artists within the tequila production process.

Visitors that opt ​​for the sunset itinerary will leave Expo Guadalajara in the morning and arrive first at the agave fields and then travel through the José Cuervo distillery.

At 18:00, the return aboard the Jose Cuervo Express will be taught, where the educational tasting will take place with the sunset in the landscapes of Jalisco as the background scenario.


There are two itineraries (sunrise and sunset) so the departures are from different points and when you return you arrive at the starting point of the other itinerary.

  • In the evening itinerary the first stop is the José Cuervo fields and then head to the José Cuervo facilities in Tequila.
  • The sunrise itinerary arrives directly in Tequila at the train station to be transferred to the José Cuervo facilities.


Tequila: seduce your senses (Train – Bus)
Duration: 11 hrs.

  • 09:00: The Jose Cuervo Express departs from Guadalajara Station
  • 09:30: Professional tasting guided by a “Maestro Tequilero”
  • 11:00: Arrival at Tequila
  • 11:35: Tour of the Jose Cuervo “La Rojeña” Distillery
  • 13:00: Free time to enjoy the Tequila Pueblo Mágico
  • 16:15: Mexican Show
  • 18:00: Arrival at the agave fields and agave harvesting demonstration
  • 18:30: The Bus Departs from Tequila, Jalisco
  • 20:00: Arrival at Casa Cuervo – EDISA


The agave fields: the beginning of history (Bus – Train)
Duration: 11 hrs.

  • 09:00: Bus departs from Casa Cuervo – EDISA for Jose Cuervo`s agave fields
  • 10:30: Arrival at the agave fields and agave harvesting demonstration
  • 12:45: Tour of the Distillery “La Rojeña” of Jose Cuervo
  • 14:00: Free time to enjoy the Tequila Pueblo Mágico
  • 16:15: Mexican Show
  • 18:00: The Jose Cuervo Express Departs at the Guadalajara Station
  • 18:30: Professional tasting guided by a Maestro Tequilero
  • 20:00: Arrival at Guadalajara train station

Jose Cuervo Express info

The train runs every Saturday with a unique schedule of 09:00 to 20:00.
Occasionally train runs on Sunday, driving the same schedule.
The tour lasts 11 hours in total, however, the train journey is from 1:45 to 2 hours.

Trains depart from the Ferromex station in Guadalajara.
The station is located on Avenida Washington #10, Colonia Moderna.
It is next to Parque Agua Azul.

You must arrive an hour before departure.
The counters will check your ticket and place a bracelet on your wrist that you must keep on for the duration of the trip.

If you travel with children

  • Children aged 5 and under travel free of charge.
  • There are also reduced rates for older and younger children.
  • Remember that children cannot travel with the service coaches (bar and dining coaches).
  • It is important to check all safety requirements during the trip to avoid any accidents happening to children.
  • Children must remain seated during the whole journey and must always be led by the hand of an adult during the visit to La Rojeña.

Prior reservations must be made to obtain a boarding pass for the day of the experience, although if there are still places available on the same day, sales can be made at the register.

  • Express MXN 2,250 (around 112$ USD)
  • Premium Plus MXN 2,650 (around 132$ USD)
  • Diamond MXN 2,950 (around 147$ USD)

You could stay in the town if you want to, however, the return would run on your own, or failing that if after 8 days you want to return aboard the train, you would need to buy a return ticket.

Mundo Cuervo
Phone: +52 (374) 742 67 17
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