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Colima Magic Zone

Do you have an affinity for unexplained phenomena and mystic occurrences?

If the inexplicable piques your curiosity, then a visit to the renowned “Magic Zone” near the town of Comala is a must. Challenging the laws of nature, this intriguing spot in the state of Colima will leave you spellbound.

The “Magic Zone” is located on a hill with a slope of 15 degrees

Challenging the law of gravity in nature is an impossible undertaking, but even Albert Einstein himself would have been stunned by an inexplicable happening on a hill near Comala, a small town in the state of Colima.

At the top of this hill, 4 km from the Comala-San Antonio road and a few minutes from the town of Suchitlán, vehicles, bottles, and even water roll upward, attracted as by a magnet, when gravity should do the opposite.

According to the history of Comala, the discovery of this area occurred when a man crossing the road broke down his car at the bottom of the hill. One of the companions in the car put it in neutral and began to climb.

From that moment on, all the intrigued villagers, full of wonder and excitement, went to the mysterious place to test balls, bottles, cars, various liquids, and any other objects that would satisfy their insatiable curiosity.

Before the appearance of such a mysterious miracle of nature, the so-called “Magic Zone” became a meeting place for curious ones who unsuccessfully tried to defy the laws of gravity by testing heavy trucks in neutral.

However, they are left astounded when their cars suddenly move uphill, contrary to their expectations. Despite their initial disbelief, they all end up in awe of the strange phenomenon that unfolds before their eyes.

Locals have always called the hill the “Magnetic Zone”.

But in 1999, in agreement with the state government’s tourism minister, was decided it would be better to call this spot the “Magic Zone” since countless studies had failed to explain the unusual magnetism of this area.

A study by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Colima concluded that on this section of the Comala-Suchitlán highway, there are no anomalies that contradict the physical laws of free fall of bodies. But, however…

According to the university’s research, the results of the measures taken at the site would have been expected elsewhere. Therefore, they concluded that it was an optical illusion caused by the horizon blocking. Hmm…

The “Magic Zone” is attributed to the growth of tourism in the state. In 2011, almost 162,000 people visited this territory, which is almost double the number in 2001, when only 70 thousand tourists visited this area.

The secret of the Comala’s Magic Zone

The phenomenon taking place at the “Magic Zone” near Comala, where objects appear to roll uphill contrary to the force of gravity, has puzzled many, and there are different theories and explanations for this event.

This “magical” phenomenon can be just an optical effect.

The phenomenon could be an optical illusion caused by the topography and the surrounding landscape. The hill’s shape and the horizon blocking might create a visual effect that distorts the perception of the slope.

This “magic” could be also a gravity anomaly. While the official scientific stance suggests there are no anomalies in gravity, some local legends and beliefs attribute it to a “magnetic” or “magic” property of the hill.

This phenomenon can be explained by the way the brain processes visual information, which can sometimes create erroneous perceptions. This is unusual, but there is no real change in the laws of gravity.

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