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Jala is both a municipality and a town in the Mexican state of Nayarit.

Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque mountain scenery of the Sierra Madre Occidental, this area can boast a unique landscape of a combination of mountainous terrain, fertile valleys, and diverse flora and fauna.

The municipality of Jala has a temperate climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The average annual temperature in this region ranges from 18°C to 25°C, providing comfortable conditions for visitors throughout the year.

The rainy season lasts from June to October, bringing lush vegetation and occasional thunderstorms. The dry season, from November to May, offers moderate temperatures and clear skies, which is ideal for outdoor activities.

The best time to visit Yala is during the dry season, from November to May. This period offers ample opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, and cultural experiences such as attending local festivals and exploring historical sites.

Jala is surrounded by hills and cliffs that give a magical feeling, especially during the rainy season when the entire landscape turns green. Stroll this cozy small town’s cobbled streets and feel the tranquility that Jala conveys.

The federal government of Mexico designated Jala as a “magical town” in November 2012. Jala was the first “magic town” of Nayarit, known for the beauty of its historical buildings and picturesque neighborhood houses.

The word Jala means “a place where there is a lot of sand”.

Things to do and see in Jala

The main site of tourist interest is the volcano of Ceboruco.

The Ceboruco volcano can be reached via an 18-kilometer rock-covered road from the main highway. The crater is located 3 km up the trail from the end of the road. The volcano’s last eruption occurred from 1870 to 1872.

According to researchers, in prehistoric times Ceborucco had at least 2 very large eruptions that produced 2 concentric calderas. Ceborucco rises about 1000 m above its base and has a summit elevation of 2,164 m.

Nearby is the archaeological site of a temple and burial grounds dating back to 700.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption in Roman and Gothic architectural styles.

Explore the plateau villages. The municipality of Jala has beautiful villages with a cold climate that you can enjoy by visiting their cabins. Communities like Juanacatlán, Jalpa Grande, and Los Aguajes are excellent options.

In August, Jala celebrates the Elote Fair with a series of artistic and cultural events.

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