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Tips to find affordable upgrade flights to Mexico

Not so long ago, a flight upgrade wasn’t the rare thing, but now it is. If you have traveled enough, you might have noticed that it was just a matter of time before a check-in or gate agent handed you a boarding pass with a low-row number.

This used to be the golden ticket for travelers. However, nowadays, it is all about business and profit, and you’ll pay over $99 for an upgrade to the front section of the coach.

Just because your chances of getting an upgrade and diminished today, it doesn’t mean you have to give up necessarily. If you are a frequent traveler, then you should be well informed about all the coupon codes airlines offer.

However, if you don’t know much about it and how can you find an affordable flight upgrade, we have got you all covered. In this article, we will give you some valuable tips to get an upgrade on flights when you’re traveling to Mexico.

To get an upgrade on a flight, heed these tips!

Always request an upgrade if you deserve it

If you had a bad experience traveling from the same airline, you can always request an upgrade.

Passengers who are seated close to the front door will always be able to save time in getting out of the plane. If the airline caused you any inconvenience in the past, you could always ask for an upgrade.

Higher are the chances that they will give you that.

Have a gold status

If you are a frequent traveler through a specific airline, always get a gold status through which you can get certificates from the company. Through these certificates, you can request favors and also get upgrades on your flight.

Business Class Experts say that it is possible to get such requests approved easily.

Keep an eye on the passenger list

If a plane has fewer passengers and needs to balance out the weight on the plane, the airline will always find a way to balance things out. This means that some passengers could easily be shifted to the front cabins. So you should always be hopeful.

Buy a full-fare ticket

There are many benefits to buying a full-fare ticket. Some of them include discounts, rerouting for less penalty, changing flight times, and even an upgrade within the flight.

Volunteer to give your seat

If a flight has been oversold and there are some passengers who urgently need to make a trip, always volunteer to give up your seat. In this way, you will be able to carve a good reputation in the minds of the flight agents.

Befriend your travel agent

This is perhaps the easiest way to get an upgrade on a flight.

Some agents have good networking with other airlines too. So if a flight agent is your friend, you can always ask for a favor. Especially on international flights, agents have more control over the seating order.

Request an upgrade at the right time

Flight agents have to deal with millions of people every year. They will not always be in a good mood to cater to your needs.

So don’t mind if the older man is a bit rude. There’s no harm in saying “please,” especially when you need to get urgent work done. If you have positioned a meeting with an agent, choose a time when he/she has fewer people around to deal with.

Always wear a smile on your face

A smile has the power to change things around. Always be polite when requesting an upgrade. Don’t try to act smart by saying something that pisses off the other person.


If you don’t get an upgrade with the registration of a simple “request” and want one, you will have to pay extra dollars to get it. Passengers are always looking for ways and means to make it to the front row so that they can evacuate the plane quickly.

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