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Unique eco-friendly travel ideas for families visiting Mexico

Mexico attracted a record-breaking 41.4 million international tourists in 2018, indicating a growing trend that undeniably positions this country prominently in the vacation plans of numerous families for the upcoming year.

With plentiful beaches, rich culture, and great food, Mexico is a great place for vacation with the family. However, when it comes to making your trip as eco-friendly as possible, there are some unique options worth looking into.

Wild dolphin tours

Explore the wonders of Mexico’s eco-friendly dolphin tours in Sian Ka’an. Unlike traditional aqua shows, which may not align with environmental concerns, boat tours in Sian Ka’an offer a sustainable and memorable alternative.

Embark on a unique adventure where you can witness dolphins in their natural habitat. Sian Ka’an provides an up-close and personal experience with nature and wildlife, allowing one to connect with the beauty of marine life.

Dolphins often visit Sian Ka’an, showcasing their curiosity about the natural environment. This creates an opportunity to observe these creatures in their element, fostering a deeper appreciation for the wonders of marine life.

Sampling Mexican cuisine

Discover the diverse and family-friendly culinary scene in Mexico, offering a rich variety of national dishes that cater to a range of tastes. From spicy to sweet and mild, there’s something for everyone in the Mexican cuisine.

An interesting aspect of traditional Mexican gastronomy is the abundance of corn-based foods such as tacos, tamales, and quesadillas. This not only expands the diverse flavor palette but also makes many dishes gluten-free.

Mexico favors organic cuisine. Many establishments adhere to environmentally sustainable practices, minimizing the environmental impact of their operations and allowing Mexican cuisine to be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Explore an array of vegan and vegetarian options available in Mexican cafes.

Mexican cafes and restaurants offer diverse soups, salads, sandwiches, and even veggie burgers. For those who prefer meat in their diet, rest assured that eco-friendly practices extend to ethically and sustainably raised animals.

Bicycle tours

Explore Mexico in an eco-friendly and fun way by choosing bike tours instead of the usual bus tours. Bike tours are not only family-friendly but also environmentally friendly, allowing you to responsibly enjoy the scenic wonders.

Numerous local agencies offer guided cycling tours along scenic routes covering a variety of destinations. These excursions combine adventure and cultural exploration, providing an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Eco-friendly accommodations

Explore eco-friendly accommodation options in Mexico. Make your family vacation eco-friendly. While all-inclusive resorts and hotels are a popular choice, look for other accommodation options that prioritize sustainability.

Many eco-friendly hotels and boutiques in Mexico go beyond conventional practices.

These include solar-powered electricity, composting toilets, and energy-saving LED lights. Some are taking sustainability one step further by building their businesses from recycled materials, helping to reduce their environmental impact.

Enjoy an eco-friendly luxury with solar power, and biodegradable toiletries offered by some eco-friendly hotels. These thoughtful details will enhance your stay while aligning with your commitment to environmentally responsible travel.

Planning a family vacation offers the opportunity to discover the diverse beauty of Mexico.

Explore the growing number of hotels that are integrating eco-friendly practices into their services. These options will not only complement your family itinerary but will also encourage a more eco-friendly and responsible approach to travel.


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