Chipilo is a small town located 12 km south of Puebla City. Chipilo, officially called Chipilo de Francisco Javier Mina, in honor of Francisco Javier Mina, stands as a testament to a fascinating convergence of cultures.

Located in the heart of Mexico, the town has retained a unique linguistic tradition.

Founded in 1882 by a group of Italian immigrants, from the Veneto region, Chipilo became a haven for those seeking a better life. Most of the inhabitants of Chipilo speak Chipileño, a variety of the Veneto language.

Cobblestone streets, vibrant houses, and a welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal destination for a tranquil and enriching journey. The town is a living testament to how cultural diversity can enrich a community’s identity.

Chipil, located 2150 m above sea level, enjoys a temperate climate, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Summers are warm, and winters are mild, making it a welcoming destination for travelers at any time.

Language fusion

The linguistic tapestry of Chipilo is woven with threads of Italian, Spanish, and Náhuatl.

This linguistic mix creates a language that is truly one-of-a-kind. Over the years, the original Italian spoken by the settlers blended with the local Spanish, and remarkably, incorporated elements from the Náhuatl language.

This fusion has given rise to a distinct linguistic variant that is still spoken by the locals.

Community and culture

Visitors to Chipilo are greeted by the richness of this linguistic fusion.

The town serves as a showcase of multiculturalism, where store signs are written in both Italian and Spanish. Culinary traditions mirror this fusion, offering a delightful mix of Italian and Mexican flavors.

Chipilo is a cultural and linguistic treasure that provides travelers with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating history of immigration, integration, and the preservation of traditions.

Tourists can hear the locals speaking this unusual and unique language. For those who want to explore the cultural and linguistic richness of Mexico, a visit to Chipilo will be a truly unforgettable experience.

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