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Kinichna, Quintana Roo, a Mayan ruin near the Rio Bec Region. It actually is located closer to Kohunlich so it should be visited if you are already in the area of Kohunlich. You could include Dzibanche in the same visit.

The mexican highway 186, a paved two-lane road passing through several small mayan villages. They still had many of the type of houses that the Maya have built for hundreds of years – thatched dwellings with stone or pole walls, raised on a platform.

Near the village of Nachi Chon, approximately 50 km west of Chetumal, you need to turn at the sign pointing to Dzbinche and Kinichna. A deeply potholed one-lane road runs through maize and cane fields to the deserted sites.

The Mayan sites of this area were mostly known only to archaeologists until recently and the small villages are unaffected by tourism. There are no services at the sites so be sure to take lots of water and food if desired. Be sure you have plenty of gasolene since the station in Xpuhil is the only place to fill up after leaving Chetumal!

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