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Best photography destinations in Mexico

Best photography destinations in Mexico

Mexico is a country where there are incredibly diverse landscapes, and exploring its territory becomes an endless search, from beaches and deserts to forests and volcanoes. It is one of the most varied places in the world.

Many people like to take a little something home with them as a reminder of their travels. A keepsake to show where they have been. Something that could remind them of the fantastic experience they had during their travel adventures.

Some tourists collect souvenirs when they travel. Others prefer to create photo galleries of their memorable journeys, especially when they visit places with attractions that they have not seen before and want to share with the world.

Travel photo galleries are like a time machine that captures our journeys and lets us enjoy them over and over again.

Travel photography

The idea of traveling with a camera in hand makes many hopefuls lose sleep. As kids, we would scan through the pages of National Geographic magazines, imagining what the adventures must’ve been like for those photographers & explorers.

What photographic equipment to take on a trip?

If you are a professional, you will have to carry around all the equipment for your work, depending on the type of photography you will do. So this is the equipment you should take on a trip:

  • The camera or camcorder with its lenses; two zoom lenses is sufficient.
  • The flash or lamp for a camcorder; is built-in or a small and light attachment.
  • The tripod is another addition you should consider taking along on a trip.
  • Don’t forget the holder that attaches to a belt or backpack that carries the camera.
  • Several memory cards, to avoid losing any photos in case there’s a problem.
  • A power bank, a battery charger, a car charger, and a plug adapter with multiple USB outlets.
  • A basic cleaning kit: blower bulb, lens cloth, and sensor cleaning fluid with its cleaning stick.
  • Your smartphone can serve as a flashlight and remote trigger.

Best travel photography tips to improve your photos:

  • Create different perspectives on your shots.
  • The best landscape photos are taken early in the morning or at sunset.

Visit blogs and websites for photographers to get more tips and recommendations on improving the quality of your travel photography.

Take your time when capturing your photos and enjoy the places you’re in

Every travel destination has a unique look, culture, history, people, mood, landscapes, and stories. In Mexico, beauty is everywhere. If you like photography, Mexico is a real paradise where great photographs are waiting to be created.

There are many places in Mexico with landscapes and scenes that are worth capturing.

Although Mexico has many memorable destinations, the ones below are mainly listed because they provide charming panoramas with unique colors & architecture that is a must-have for every amateur or professional photographer.

Best photography destinations in Mexico

Agua Azul waterfalls in Chiapas

Chiapas attracts tourists who like to enjoy nature, and the Agua Azul waterfalls located to the north, 64 km from Palenque, are suitable to love for their fresh mountain jungle and of course for those cliffs with shades that range from sky blue to turquoise.

The waterfalls, coming from several rivers, form natural pools for swimming, the park has perfect viewpoints to accommodate you and take as many photos as you like, at the angles you prefer and take advantage of those tones, then you can enjoy the freshwater.

Ask for recommendations from the guides and read the notices posted there.

These waterfalls have this special color in dry seasons, so it is not recommended to visit them from June to September since they are the months when it rains the most and the waters become cloudy.

The Bacalar Lagoon in Quintana Roo

The town of Bacalar, considered a magical town, is located 45 km north of Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo, next to the well-known Bacalar Lagoon or lagoon of the 7 colors, Would you like to have those tones in your camera?

The lagoon is one of the main attractions of Bacalar, being a large expanse of shallow waters and white sand, with blue waves that give a natural landscape with a good environment for its mangroves and coconut palm trees.

There are boats to hike around the lagoon as well as palapas around for excellent shots.

The Cenote Azul is another unmissable place in Bacalar to take good photos, it is magical because of its circular shape and because it is surrounded by jungle, the water is very clear and you can see the depth.

On the shores of this cenote, there is a restaurant to enjoy food with a good view of obtaining very good photographs.

Chichen Itza in Yucatan

Chichen Itza is one of the best Mayan archaeological sites considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and its temple of Kukulcán, is one of the wonders of the world.

The emblematic Chichen Itza is recognized for its large structures, worthy of carrying in your camera. The most impressive views are located in the central area where the Ball Court, temples, and the great pyramid of Kukulcán.

In the guided excursions you can take time, (you must have your camera already ready), to get good shots.

Schedule your trip for the spring and autumn equinoxes, a unique spectacle is observed because at sunset the sun creates the illusion of a snake descending or ascending the stairs of the Pyramid of Kukulcán.

Tulum on Riviera Maya

Tulum Quintana Roo has good tourist attractions but nothing like its National Park where the Mayan archaeological zone is located overlooking the ocean, beautiful for a postcard because of the color of the sea and the green of its palm trees added to the structure frame a good landscape for your photographs.

When entering the National Park and knowing the archaeological zone, you can have good photos of El Castillo, The Temple of the Frescoes, and the Temple of the Descending God, you can go very early to have warm colors.

The Mayan ruins seen from the sea can be best photographed at sunset, as the soft light of the sun will give a very good tonality to the images. You can take photos of the vegetation or animals that abound there and play by shooting with your camera to have original shots of this charming place.

The Valley of Mexico

Our capital, located in the Valley of Mexico, and although it is the largest urban area in the country, has excellent attractions for travelers to the province with historical landscapes representative of the culture of our country.

There are many places to visit that lend themselves to taking pictures, whether you take a tour or visit the tourist places on your own. The most recommended is of course to visit the Historic Center, the Zócalo, its cathedral, the National Palace, La Plaza de la Reforma, Bellas Artes, and Chapultepec.

On your walk, you can choose between visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe, Xochimilco, Garibaldi at night, and the Plaza de Las Tres Culturas.

Take the time to prepare your tour and see not only the architecture but the landscape of the Popocatepetl volcano among others, prepare the memory card and battery of your camera and get your own photos of the great Mexico City.


Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the country, and if you like photographs of ancient architecture, this city is the most recommended starting with its Historic Center considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

To make your tour of the Historic Center enjoyable, you can board a tram that offers tourist tours and thus prepare your camera to give you images of the good colonial panorama that awaits you.

The heart of the city is the Zócalo, surrounded by majestic buildings such as the old Government Palace that is now a museum and of course, the great Cathedral, built of a quarry with green tones and that looks spectacular at night or by day.

In this colonial environment, taking pictures of the buildings, chapels, museums, markets, or streets is highly appreciated, but what better way than to have shots of the people who represent this city such as the musicians who stand in the zócalo, families enjoying the interesting area or situations to capture especially if you arrive on dates where a tradition is celebrated.


Incredible views that the city of Guanajuato has, give the illusion that what you see is a painting of colorful houses on the hills, prepare for the adventure with your camera and immerse yourself in the history of independence on your arrival.

Guanajuato has alleys painted with legends, tunnels, palaces, and mines, which together frame good portraits for you if you like cities with a lot of history and baroque architecture.

Excellent viewpoints with views for your photographs, also visit the Juárez Theater, the underground tunnels to play with your camera, the University of Guanajuato, the Reforma Garden, the San Francisco Church, the Unión Garden, the temples and mines that characterize this great destination.

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