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Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Copper Canyon, Yucatan, colonial cities and beaches of Mexico

Caravanas de Mexico is a registered Mexican tour company, catering to Americans & Canadians in both English and French and to Mexicans in Spanish. They specialize in Mexico and only Mexico.

They have been providing support services for other caravan companies for about 25 years.

They also run bus tours and provide guide services for other companies and that is still our main business, but it melds well with RV Caravans. They have been running their own caravans for many years in English & French.

Caravanas de Mexico maintains an extensive network of bilingual tour guides, many of whom have worked for us for many years, and they often travel with the caravan for segments of the trip.

Why Mexico Caravan?

Caravanas de Mexico offers longer fully escorted Mexican RV Caravan Tours down to the Yucatan and the West Coast.

Traveling with others is safer. Caravanas de Mexico trips feature both city and beach camping, plus an opportunity to explore Mexico’s spectacular Copper Canyon on some caravans (all-inclusive included).

Caravanas de Mexico usually tries to include one of Mexico’s wonderful carnival celebrations.

Their Mexico RV Caravan Tours usually depart from either Nogales, Arizona, or Mission, Texas. Depending on Wagon Master availability, there may be an option to exit at either Texas or Arizona for some of their tours.

All Tours & RV park fees are included, along with many high-class meals.

Caravanas de Mexico is licensed to legally do many of their own tours, rather than having to contract them out.

Caravanas de Mexico also gives great deals for repeat customers and has some very flexible options for those who wish to do partial trips or customized trips, etc.

Caravanas de Mexico will take people who have mobility problems, but they have to know what they are and determine if they are able to do some or all of the suggested tours.

Caravanas de Mexico will discount them for tours they feel they cannot do.

Included in Tours

All RV parks are included, plus plenty of tours & meals. Caravanas de Mexico specializes in providing this sort of caravan. They will take you to see sights you will not get to see on any other organized tour.

Caravanas de Mexico arranges tours for competitors but saves some of the more interesting and unusual stuff for their own customers. Their wagon masters are given far more leeway in what they organize than is the case with most other caravan companies.

Caravanas de Mexico finds most customers like a mix of the traditional organized tours with good meals, and some more ad hoc adventurous things organized by their Wagon Masters.


Caravanas de Mexico utilizes toll highways as much as possible. Your chance of having an accident is far reduced.

Caravanas de Mexico tours are usually escorted by the Green Angels, the Mexican equivalent of AAA. They are excellent mechanics and are in radio contact with the police and Mexico City. They do not charge for labor, only parts.

Certain tours with only a few rigs may not have Green Angel escorts, but they can be summoned in case of problems.

The dangers to tourists are highly overblown.


For more information: mexicorvbuddies.com
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