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5 unexpected items you should bring with you on vacation

When packing for a vacation, you are most likely focused on clothes, accessories, and essentials like money and identification. However, there are extra unexpected things that may make your vacation even better or at least save it from disaster.

Here are a few ideas of things you should consider bringing on your next vacation.

Air filter

portable air filtration system may seem a little extreme when going on vacation. However, if you are going to a state or region that you don’t usually go to, you have no idea how your body will react to the different air quality, pollutants, and allergens.

While all of those things are present in the air regardless of where you are, you are accustomed to what’s in the air where you live.

An unexpected reaction to air quality can ruin your vacation as you have a massive allergy attack or develop sinus issues. You may be breathing in allergens, dust, pollen, viruses, mold, and pollutants.

A filtration system is designed to pull those things from the air without impacting airflow or ventilation. A portable air purifier with a HEPA filter can be set up in the room where you are staying to provide you with clean air.

Nail care kit

travel nail kit may also seem a little extra, especially if you’re only going away for a few days. However, if you are doing outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, or swimming, you will get your hands dirty.

Then when you want to go out to eat at night, you will realize how dirty your nails are.

Likewise, if you’re out being active and rip a nail off or break it partway, you are going to need clippers, a file, and possibly a cuticle tool to make yourself feel comfortable again.

Water filter

Similar to the air quality, if you are going to a new area, you don’t know how your body will react to the local water.

The possibility of an adverse reaction to the water is especially true when traveling internationally. You can get a portable water filter that attaches to a water bottle or can be used directly like a straw to ensure the water you are drinking is purified and free of possible contaminants.


If you are traveling to a destination in a different time zone, your phone will automatically update the time, which is confusing for figuring out travel or calling people back home.

Take a watch that you keep on the time at home so you always know what time it is there. This can be particularly helpful if traveling across multiple time zones or staying in numerous time zones throughout a more extended trip.

Antibacterial wipes

Planes, trains, travel plazas, rental cars, and restaurants in tourist areas are high-traffic areas with many people touching everything. Even diligent companies can’t keep up with the need for constant cleaning.

Bringing your antibacterial wipes will allow you to quickly wipe down areas you are touching or sitting to provide yourself with the peace of mind that at least those small areas are clean.

They will also be handy to clean your hands if you are doing outdoor activities and can’t easily get to a bathroom or near running water.

Going on vacation should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience from start to finish. While you may be worried about overpacking, packing these few extra items can make a world of difference for your trip.

When deciding what to take, keep in mind where you are going and how long you will be there because those are the factors that will directly impact the potential for risk while vacationing.

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