Arteaga is a city in the Mexican state of Coahuila. It serves as the administrative centre for the surrounding municipality of the same name.

This peaceful and smiling “Magical Town” full of orchards is located on the outskirts of Saltillo. The town’s beautiful parish and old homes are just the introduction to the great wonder: the Sierra de Arteaga, one of the most northern and majestic sections of Sierra Madre Oriental.

Arteaga is located at a height of 1,660 meters (5,450 ft) above sea level. It stands some 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) east of state capital Saltillo, on Federal Highways 57 and 54.

The municipality covers a total surface area of 1,818.60 square kilometers (702.17 sq mi) and, in 1995, reported a total population of 18,907. In addition to the municipal seat, it contains the settlements of San Antonio de las Alazanas, El Tunal, San Juan de los Dolores, Huachichil, Los Lirios, Mesa de Tablas, Bella Unión, Escobedo, and Jamé.

Artega residents often boast that they have a year-round median temperature of 72F, and say theirs is the “most perfect” climate in North America.

The area was first inhabited by settlers from Tlaxcala in 1580, who named it San Isidro de las Palomas. On 29 December 1866 it was renamed in honour of General José María Arteaga Magallanes, a 19th-century national hero and governor of the state of Querétaro de Arteaga.

It includes the congregation of Landeros, which was named after an American soldier of Irish descent, who after the army’s march through the area in the 1840s, settled there.

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