6 new things to try in Baja California

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Baja California, Mexico, was not always a go-to place for beaches and nature. In fact, it only became a Mexican state in 1952. However, its proximity to the U.S. border and export-processing plants helped it develop, and now fishing and tourism are equally important parts of this beautiful white-sand peninsula.

If you’re traveling in Baja California, here are 6 new things you will definitely should to try.

Whale Watching

Many kinds of whales call the peninsula home, including orcas (killer whales), more common gray whales, and seasonal humpback whales.

You can take boat tours in the Bay of Magdalena, and expect to see different pods of whales, and even infant whales and their mothers.

You can also visit the Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino, a UNESCO-protected reproduction space for multiple species, including the whale.

While you won’t be able to swim with them, you can eat in spots overlooking the area, or walk nearby, for a glimpse of the whales as they gather and pass through the sea.

Kayak Fishing

If you want a peaceful day in the peace and calm of a mirror-like sea, do your research on fishing kayaks and then get out on the Sea of Cortez.

The sea is so smooth and clear that you won’t feel alone in your boat. Marlins leap out of the water, sea turtles and porpoises crowd up for breath, and even sharks can curiously nose in. Whether or not you make a full catch, you will fully enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

Wine Trail

You may not know it, but Baja California is not only a place for the sea and the sands. It also has one of the most important winery areas in Mexico. Spread throughout the Guadalupe Valley are vineyards, wineries, and even a wine museum.

You can take a tour describing how wine is made, join a wine-tasting, and even bring home a bottle. If you want to stay for an entire day, you can also eat in different places near the wineries. The wide fields, sunshine, and wine are sure to rest your spirit.

La Bufadora

After experiencing the sea and the valley, La Bufadora (literally translated “The Snorter”) gives you an opportunity to walk up some of the Baja California cliffs.

While you can reach most of it by car, the way to the viewpoint is on foot (naturally). Once at the viewpoint, you won’t have to wait long before one of the largest marine geysers shoots water over 100 feet above sea level.


If you’re looking for a peaceful day in the water or by the seashore, find Balandra, a beach a few kilometers off La Paz city.

Because of the distance, the beach is rarely crowded, and the water quality is good even for a tourist spot. You can swim in the quiet bay, explore the rock formations at the side, or rest on the coarse sand shore.

Here’s a tip for Baja California female tourists: wear a sports bra all the time, and you won’t need to worry about changing every time you want to go for a swim.


No, food trippers, we did not forget about you! Baja California, as a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water, certainly abounds in seafood. The cuisine is mainly Mexican, strongly flavored, with many vegetables and spices.

For a taste of both history and the Baja California cuisine, visit San Jose del Cabo. This historical Spanish town has a wide range of Mexican and European cuisine, as well as a thriving nightlife. You can stay for a food trip the entire day.

Baja California is a place of both nature and history, and you can experience a wide range of activities without even leaving the area. These 6 new things are just barely scratching the surface—we’re sure you’ll find plenty more to enjoy when you’re there!

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