Baja California

6 new things to try in Baja California

Baja California hasn’t always been a favorite destination for beaches and nature.

Baja California became a Mexican state only in 1952. However, its proximity to the US border and export processing plants have helped it develop, and now fishing and tourism are equally important parts of the peninsula.

If you’re traveling to Baja California, here are 6 new things you should try.

Whale Watching in Baja California

Many species of whales call the Baja California home.

Take a boat tour to watch various pods of whales and even baby whales and their mothers. You can also visit the El Vizcaino Whale Sanctuary, a UNESCO-protected breeding site for several species, including whales.

Although you can’t swim with them, you can walk nearby and see the whales as they gather and pass through the sea. You may see killer whales (orcas), the more common gray whales, and the seasonal humpback whales.

Kayak Fishing in Baja California

If you want to spend a peaceful day in the peace and calm of the mirror sea, do your research on fishing kayaks and then head out to the Sea of Cortez. The sea is so smooth and clean that you won’t feel alone in your boat.

Marlins leap out of the water, sea turtles and porpoises huddle together to catch their breath, and even sharks may sniff curiously. Whether or not you catch a full catch, you will enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

Wine Trail in Baja California

Baja California is not just a place of sea and sand. It is also home to one of Mexico’s most important wine regions. There are vineyards, wineries, and even a wine museum scattered throughout the Guadalupe Valley.

Take a tour that explains how wine is made, take part in a wine tasting, and even take home a bottle. If you want to stay the whole day, you can eat at various places near the wineries. Wide fields, sunshine, and wine are sure to soothe your spirit.

La Bufadora Geyser

La Bufadora is a marine geyser located along the cliffs of Baja California.

This natural phenomenon occurs when ocean waves crash into an underwater cavern, forcing water through a hole in the rock and creating a powerful spout of water that can reach heights of over 30 meters.

La Bufadora offers a unique opportunity to explore the rugged beauty of Baja California. Accessible primarily by foot, this natural wonder rewards visitors with a stunning marine geyser that shoots water over 30 m into the air.

The sight showcases the power and beauty of nature. Whether you’re driving or hiking to the viewpoint, La Bufadora promises an unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking landscape of Baja California.


If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the water or by the sea, find Balandra, a beach a few kilometers from La Paz city. Due to its remote location, the beach is rarely crowded and the water quality is good, even for a tourist spot.

Swim in a quiet cove, explore the coastal rock formations, or relax on the coarse sand beach. Wear sports shorts and a sports bra all the time and you won’t have to worry about changing every time you want to go swimming.

Local Cuisine

As Baja California is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water, it certainly has an abundance of seafood. The local cuisine is mainly Mexican, with strong flavors and lots of vegetables and spices.

To experience the history and cuisine of Baja California, visit San Jose del Cabo. This historic Spanish city offers Mexican and European cuisine and a vibrant nightlife. You can stay for the entire day for the food tour.

Baja California is a place of both nature and history, and you can enjoy a variety of activities without even leaving the area. These things just scratched the surface – we’re sure you’ll find plenty more to enjoy when you’re there!

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