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Why vacations in Mexico are the best

There are countless destinations to choose from when it comes to choosing the next vocational destination, and Mexico should be a top contender.

Mexico is vast and diverse, as well as beautiful, both in terms of landscape and what you can do here. You’ll never be short of new experiences to have, activities to get involved in, foods or drinks to try, wherever you are in the country.

Here are some great reasons why vacations in Mexico are the best:

Nature at its most beautiful

One of the first reasons that vacations in Mexico are the best is due to the amazing landscapes you can enjoy. From snow-capped mountain ranges to lush jungles, Mexico is full to the brim with natural beauty.

Whether you’d prefer to lounge in the sun on a beach, rappel down a glittering waterfall, kayak down a river, or tour underground cave systems you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Biological Diversity

Mexico is one of the top 5 most biologically diverse countries in the world, boasting around 1,500 mammals, amphibian and reptile species, 1,000 bird species, and 30,000 different plant species.

This is also the end destination for many migratory animals; whale sharks, grey whales, and monarch butterflies all end their yearly journey here. Your vacations in Mexico will be full of opportunities to see some of the most beautiful animals.

Why not go whale watching, take a bird watching tour or swim with dolphins in the wild?


The Mexicans are warm and friendly, always making a point of ensuring visitors feel welcome on their vacations in Mexico.

This is a country with a rich cultural history, and these are people who are as proud of their ancient traditions and customs as they are of progressing in the world.

The legacy of the Olmecs, Maya, and Aztecs can be seen in over 60 surviving languages spoken today. Furthermore, the architecture and art found in most major cities will help you to see Mexico in a whole new light.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mexico is one of the world’s richest wells of archaeological sites, and, rather impressively, has the most UNESCO World heritage sites to be found in any country in the Americas.

Here you will find traces of the old world, still standing tall and proud.

Convenient and great value

Your vacations in Mexico have never been more simple or hassle-free as there are now over 50 international airports throughout the country which offer direct flights to and from the United States and Canada.

This means less travel time for you, and the low cost of food and lodging when you arrive means you get more bang for your buck.

Cuisine worth honoring

Each region in Mexico has its own distinct flavors and techniques that make its cuisine one of the most varied in the world. The ingredients are fresh and high-quality no matter where you go.

Mexican cuisine is distinctive and delectable; in fact, it’s so impressive that it is the first cuisine to receive World Heritage status from UNESCO. Better still you can wash it all down with tequila or mezcal for an authentic and stimulating experience.

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