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The 5 largest casinos in Mexico

The gaming industry in Mexico has great potential, in recent years this sector has been growing to generate large revenues for the country. It is part of the tourist industry that is so important in Mexico, and for years the casinos have generated thousands of jobs throughout the hundreds of gambling establishments in the country.

Gambling and even online casino sites are not allowed in many countries, thus tourists not only come to Mexico looking for sun and beach but also want to have a good time of fun, through leisure and entertainment activities such as casinos or game rooms.

While it is true that most of the best casinos in Mexico are concentrated between Mexico City and the Riviera Maya, with Cancun at the forefront, there are other locations that have become landmarks for those who enjoy gambling.

  • Royal Yak Casino at the Hippodrome of the Americas
  • Big Bola Querétaro
  • Casino Caliente Tijuana, Hippodrome
  • Play City Antara, Mexico City
  • Emotion Casino San Luis Potosi

Current situation of casinos in Mexico

Nowadays, due to the world situation, land-based casinos are not going through their best moment. Even so, slowly tourism is improving, and with it the overall economy of the country.

Gambling has always been deeply rooted in any world culture, with casinos and bookmakers being one of the preferred entertainment options for adults among Mexicans.

Let’s talk about the 5 largest and most important casinos in Mexico. All of them are large establishments that have numerous games, the best facilities, and services where you can have a fun and enjoyable time.

Royal Yak Casino at the Hippodrome of the Americas

We could not start this list by naming another casino that was not the Royal Yak Casino at the Hippodrome of the Americas, the largest casino and one of the favorites of Mexicans.

This casino belongs to the well-known Codere Group, with a presence in Mexico since 1998. Thanks to the support of this company, it guarantees good services and compliance with the laws. It has numerous facilities and even a racecourse in the middle of Mexico City.

Codere™ Mobile Jackpot Casino games provide a wide variety of all kinds of classic casino games, card games, slot machines, etc. They also have traditional casino games, such as slot machines, blackjack, poker, or roulette.

Which makes it an ideal place for horse racing and gambling.

The service and atmosphere are unbeatable, its decoration transports you to the most elegant casinos in Europe. It is not only a casino but also has restaurants and activities such as concerts or dances.

In short, the Royal Yak Casino at the Hippodrome of the Americas is one of the most complete in the country. The opinions of visitors are quite positive, highlighting the variety of games, bets, and the quality of services.

Big Bola Querétaro

Big Bola is another of the large casino companies in Mexico which have up to 20 game rooms, distributed throughout other major cities such as Mexico City, Ciudad del Carmen, and Puebla. Another of the best-known Big Bola casinos is the Tlalnepantla Casino since it was the first that this company opened in the country.

The Big Bola de Querétaro is also one of the largest casinos and has all kinds of leisure activities. One of the great attractions of this casino is its location since it is located in the beautiful city of Mexico, Querétaro.

It has card games and roulettes of many types, slot machines among others. This casino is quite innovative since it has its own online casino, where you can play the same games without having to go to the establishment.

Casino Caliente Tijuana, Hippodrome

This casino belongs to Grupo Caliente, one of the most important and recognized companies in the industry. This group has several casinos and game rooms throughout the country, such as the Tecamachalco casino, although the Tijuana casino is the most important.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this gaming room is the location and its sheer size. Tijuana is on the border with San Diego, which makes it a very busy city. That is why this casino operates 24 hours a day.

It has many games including slot machines, roulette, and poker. You can also find a racecourse and a greyhound track in the casino itself, making it ideal for fans of horse and greyhound betting. All this in a luxurious and very pleasant environment.

Play City Antara, Mexico City

Another of the country’s great casinos is the Play City Antara in Mexico City. This game room is located in one of the best areas of Mexico City. That is why the casino is one of the most modern in the country and has the best facilities.

Apart from numerous games of chance, this casino has a restaurant and a bar. Leisure and fun are quite complete in this establishment since they also offer events and raffles.

Emotion Casino San Luis Potosi

The last casino on this list is the Casino de San Luis Potosí, located in the north of the country. It is located in one of the most well-known areas of the city, which makes it quite a famous casino.

It has hundreds of slot machines and numerous roulette wheels among other games. It also has a restaurant and they carry out leisure activities such as events or live music, which makes it a casino with a lot of atmosphere.

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