Boutique Hotel in Mexico

Boutique hotels in Mexico

With a growing demand from tourists seeking exclusivity and genuine experiences, boutique hotels are rapidly expanding in different destinations in Mexico. Boutique hotels have unique amenities and interior design.

These are unique properties that meet the needs of experienced travelers with high standards.

Boutique hotels quickly became a luxurious alternative for travelers who couldn’t afford a five-star stay. What exactly are boutique hotels like nowadays? So, why should you book a suite at a boutique hotel?

But boutique hotels are more than just a temporary home:

  • Host private tours of hidden gems within the city
  • Offer celebrity-chef dining options
  • Include pet-friendly rooms
  • Provide unique common areas (like gardens)
  • Have a concierge staff that knows guests’ names

One thing is for sure: every boutique hotel has its own flair.

What is a boutique hotel?

The boutique hotel concept refers to intimate, personalized, exclusive, unique, and beautiful hotels.

This hotel category applies to establishments full of charm, characterized by their reduced number of rooms, which generate the necessary privacy to enjoy an exceptional experience.

The origin of “boutique” has two variants, some say that it arose in the ’80s in New York City, and others assert that it arose in France in 1930 when luxury and exclusivity found their expression in small accommodations with service and exquisite architecture.

A hotel in this category seeks to differentiate itself from the standardized concept of accommodation,

Boutique hotels are often located in places of historical, cultural, or environmental value in major metropolitan areas, magical cities, historical centers, main colonial cities, beach areas, etc.

The boutique hotel proposal goes beyond an innovative design and good service since it must meet certain criteria.

There is no large boutique hotel, unlike conventional hotels, these do not exceed 60 rooms. There are even hotels that only have two rooms, providing an exclusive service.

Design and originality

The architecture and design must be perfectly balanced to generate its own identity. The boutique denomination implies a distinction and good taste, no two boutique hotels are the same.

In many hotels of this type, each of the rooms is designed in a unique way, giving each the authenticity of the space.

Personalized service and attention

Boutique hotels offer personalized attention and high-quality service, they generate more intimate experiences for each guest. Some hotels are not open to the general public and access is only by reservation, generating an atmosphere of exclusiveness.

Amenities and exclusive service

Boutique hotels stand out for their range of amenities, although they are small hotels, they offer exclusive and personalized services such as concierge, spa, designer or organic toiletries, sheets and pillow menus, and a gourmet gastronomic offer.

Classification of boutique hotels in Mexico

The boutique rating is currently not considered in the traditional 5 to 1-star hotel scale. Many boutique hotels are identified as “unclassified”, others are part of the 4 and 5-star categories and some of the higher luxuries reach special categories such as Luxury Hotel.

In Mexico, there is currently no law certifying this type of hotel in an institutional way, nor is there a specific classification. There is no official census of how many boutique hotels there are nationwide, nor are official hotel occupancy figures.

The Association of Boutique Hotels of Mexico stands as the sole authoritative institution responsible for certifying establishments that provide boutique-style lodging services, evaluated against a set of specific and stringent criteria.

Many boutique hotels are operated by owners independently or associated with a brand system, others by various operators or integrated within larger hotel chains, offering guests a fusion of hospitality and the advantages of established networks.

The vast majority of boutique hotels have a range from $120 to $700, depending on the hotel location and the type of room.

Orchid House Boutique Hotels

The Orchid House seeks to provide all guests, with the exquisite experience of making to feel at home and being able to soak in a fine experience in the warmth of Orchid House hotels.

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Polanco Mexico City Hotel

You feel at home in this beautiful boutique hotel, hidden away in a beautiful 100-year-old mansion, located in the heart of Polanco, on one of the most beautiful streets in Mexico City, Campos Elíseos. Very cozy rooms and very friendly and welcoming staff.

Orchid House Polanco won the 2020 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award.

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Boutique Hotel in Tulum

Orchid House Tulum is a 10-bedroom boutique hotel, located only a few minutes from the white sandy beaches and tropical turquoise waters of the beautiful Mexican Caribbean.

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