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Best hunting trips in Mexico

From the magnificent desert highlands of Sonora in the north to the exotic rainforests of Yucatan in the south, Mexico has diverse ecological and game species that draw hunters from all over the globe.

Is hunting allowed in Mexico?

Hunting occurs on both government reserves and private ranches in Mexico, and wildlife has generally been adequately managed in recent years, resulting in sustainable populations of the most desirable game species.

Mexico is most renowned for its massive desert mule deer, but it is also a great place to see Coues deer, white-tailed deer, mountain lions, desert bighorn sheep, and both collared and white-lipped peccary.

Mexican selva (rainforest jungles) is also home to species that can only be found in North America, such as the red and grey-brown brocket deer and the ocellated turkey.

So, pack some of your best cheap hunting clothes and drive or fly to Mexico for a weekend full of fun and adventure.

Here are some of the best hunting trips in Mexico:

Bird Hunting

Doves, quail, turkeys, doves, ducks, and geese are just a few of the many birds that call Mexico home.

Some Mexican hunting guide businesses have ranches where they take clients for bird hunting, allowing you more time to spend hunting and less time traveling to the hunting grounds.

However, even if guides will educate you on the rules and limits for bird hunting, learn more about the laws and restrictions for bird hunting when you have free time.

Remember that you must also adhere to regulations when importing the birds you have hunted into the United States.

Hunting for Large Animals

If hunting bigger animals interests you, focus on some big game hunting in Mexico. In addition to Bighorn Sheep, Mexico is home to a variety of deers, including Mule deer, Whitetail, and Coues, which you can add to your trophy collection.

Some guide services will take you into the forest, where you may try your luck at hunting the huge cougar and other animals that live in the jungle. Some locations even provide their taxidermy service for those who are exceptionally adventurous.

When you travel to and from Mexico in the United States, you should make it a point to verify with your guide the process of importing the big game you have hunted back into the United States.

Also, keep in mind that you must check the lists of goods you transport in your vehicle to and from Mexico along with your approved hunting gear to ensure that you have all of your equipment on hand.

These lists are available on both ends of your trip. After that, make your way south of the border for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Mule Deer Hunting

Some of the most spectacular examples of mule deer now seen in North America are in Sonora, Mexico, known for its wide-antlered mule deer.

Hunters from around the world go to Sonora in search of the most coveted mule deer subspecies, the Sonora muley.

Your hunt for the dark-horned giants of Sonora is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat if you are armed with a high-quality pair of optics and accompanied by an experienced mule deer guide.

Parting Word

Hunting opportunities are abundant in Mexico, regardless of the size of the wildlife you seek, whether birds or mammals, little or large. The country is gradually becoming one of the top hunting places in the world, so make travel plans as soon as possible.

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